We all have good intentions OF staying on a healthy diet, but life and busy schedules CAN get in the way. That’s why Amy & Jaime CREATED VEGGIE PODS.

Amy and Jaime were both faced with recent medical diagnoses and had to make a lifestyle change. This was the beginning of the creation of the Veggie Pod, a cost-effective and time-saving answer to eating fresh produce.

Rather than buying single serve, pre-made juices in plastic bottles loaded with sugar and with a short shelf life, Amy and Jaime began a journey of blending vegetables and fruits they hadn’t previously thought to combine.

They decided to create a low sugar blend of fibrous ingredients in a pre-portioned pod—not cold pressed. It's a gift of fresh produce with all the nutrients, all year round, right at your fingertips!  

Take a Veggie Pod out of the freezer, and pop it into a blender with 9 ounces of your favorite liquid, blend, and it's ready! Veggie Pods are perfect for all anyone who is looking for high density nutritional food at an affordable price.

Veggie Pods offer the consumption of fresh produce, without the added sugar. No more buying produce and throwing out unused product. No more plastic bottles. Customize them according to your taste buds and nutritional needs.  Use as a starter, and add your favorite “add on’s” like Greek yogurt, a handful of fresh berries, protein powder or a splash of nut milk as a natural sweetener. Create your own masterpiece, and change it up frequently to keep your taste buds happy and fulfilled.

Veggie Pods 2019-0569.jpg

Real food, not a powder or pill, for real heaLth.

In good health,

Amy & Jaime