We all have good intentions OF eating a healthy diet, but life, busy schedules, and the cost of fresh food CAN create challenges.

That’s why Amy & Jaime CREATED VEGGIE PODS.

Amy and Jaime were both faced with recent medical diagnoses and had to make a lifestyle change. This was the beginning of the creation of the Veggie Pod, a cost-effective and time-saving answer to eating fresh produce.

Rather than buying single serve, pre-made juices in plastic bottles loaded with sugar and with a short shelf life, Amy and Jaime began a journey of blending vegetables and fruits they hadn’t previously thought to combine.

Amy & Jaime created a low sugar blend of fibrous ingredients in a pre-portioned pod—not cold pressed. It's a gift of fresh produce with all the nutrients, all year round, right at your fingertips!  

Take a Veggie Pod out of the freezer, and pop it into a blender with 9 ounces of your favorite liquid, blend, that’s it! Veggie Pods are perfect for anyone who is looking for high density nutritional food at an affordable price.

Veggie Pods offer a blend of fresh produce, without the added sugar. No more buying produce and throwing out unused product. Our Veggie Pods are frozen, and have a shelf life of up to 6 months when kept frozen.

Customize them according to your taste buds and nutritional needs.  Use as a starter, and add your favorite “add on’s” like Greek yogurt, a piece of banana, a handful of fresh berries, protein powder or a splash of nut milk as a natural sweetener. Create your own masterpiece, and change it up frequently to keep your taste buds happy and fulfilled.

Veggie Pods 2019-0569.jpg

Our Veggie Pods can be found at the following retailers:

SLO Natural Foods Co Op . San Luis Obispo, CA.

Sasquatch Coffee . Paso Robles, CA.

Etto Pastificio . Paso Robles, CA.

The Wellness Kitchen . Templeton, CA.

Soto’s True Earth Market . Cambria, CA.

Sunshine Market/Shine Cafe . Morro Bay, CA.

(Soon to come) California Fresh Markets . San Luis Obispo, CA.

Real food, not a powder or pill, for real heaLth.

From our kitchen to yours,

Amy & Jaime