You know I love those babies. Veggie pods are life changing. Convenient and healthy making it easy to do what’s good for my body. Love juicing and hate the clean up vegi pods have fixed that problem. Full of 12 different powerhouse fruits and veg is with no mess. I am addicted . Joy

My young daughters love coming home from school and making their own smoothies, using Veggie Pods as a base. They add bananas, peanut butter and a host of other ingredients I will not name because sometimes they go too far with their potion making! But the veggie pods (almost) always taste amazing and my girls gulp them down with glee at the experiments they have created. Joe

Veggie Pods are a game changer! Not only are they a convenient source of dense nutrition, I have noticed improvement in my back pain! I honestly feel that fueling my body consistently with superfoods has reduced inflammation and helped to heal my chronic back pain. Veggie pods are a quick, easy and cost effective way to give your body what it needs and craves. ❤️🥕🍏🍋 . Nancy